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Adam Laskowitz
Posted Jul 30 - Read on Facebook

I feel like this should be moved to a google group? It's really difficult to find answers in past posts on Facebook. And Google searches don't search through posts, so you cannot find anything in the same way that people search for questions and solutions on the web.


Ed Chao

agree, would be worth focusing contributions to Stack Overflow

Braden Hamm

Or a forum on the framer site.

Stephen Crowley

I was just thinking that myself.

Jonathan E. Chen
Josh Goodwin

I vote forum.

Dan Carson

How about github?

Adam Laskowitz

I vote stack overflow or forum on framer site. Jonathan, discourse looks really interesting.

Andreas Wahlström

searchable forum with embeddable code examples + previews.

Koen Bok

I don't work at FB anymore. I'm open to suggestions to move this group to something better, but I don't like Google Groups or Discourse.


BTW, something like requirebin/jsbin/codepen but especially for framejs to share code would be nice.

Noah Tsutsui

I think Stack Overflow is a no-brainer here:
- Answer selection is clear and usually very high quality
- Tangental comments are visually organized in a way that makes sense
- Search-ability is always reliable
- Suggestions for like or dupe questions before posting is usually correct
- Mark-down capabilities

Aaron Carámbula

Yeah for code questions stack overflow is way better.

For community, sharing, updates, ideas id argue this is better.

I'd welcome the split to make this a more focused space and create better reference material on SO

Koen Bok

I'd be happy to answer questions on SO. But I agree with Aaron that we need a place to share ideas etc. That will be this group until somebody makes a great modern forum/group product that I like :-)

Aaron Carámbula

In that case, how do I stack overflow? :)

Can I get notifs when questions are asked?

My only fear there is new-to-code designers will be left out of the support. We should make sure it is easy and clear how to do it.

Stephen Crowley

A FramerJS sub-reddit?

Noah Tsutsui

Re: what others have said, we do need a better way to organize ideas, and a sub-reddit is probably a good place for "I wish we really had this feature" or "check out this cool thing I did," but I think what we're trying to address is the large amount of "how do I code this?" questions. Many are repeats, which I'm guilty of myself, and none are formatted appropriately because of the absence of markdown.

Stephen Crowley

Sure. I was just using /r/Python as a reference

Adam Laskowitz

Agreed Noah. Sounds like SO is among the majority vote here.

Noah Tsutsui

Aaron - Great walkthrough here: I think the big take away is: show solutions you've already tried and always tag the question with FramerJS.

Jon Gold

I really like having the community on Facebook; makes it feel friendlier than anything else. GitHub, StackOverflow, Twitter etc etc all feel so cold compared to being able to add the people who are helping you out as friends.

But it sucks not being able to search (I wonder if we could write a scraper if/when we move off Facebook?) or have syntax highlighting. Google Groups is a non-starter because it doesn't have syntax highlighting either imo (and the UX is super janky).

Not really sure what the answer is.

Adam Laskowitz

I find Google Groups has the same feel Jon. It's also much easier to search for things there (with markdown for code). And it shows up on google searches. Facebook is just not the right platform for programming questions.

Koen Bok

While I agree with a lot of things above, I don't think the search in Facebook Groups is all that bad (yes I was surprised too).

Some examples:

Noah Tsutsui

Yeah, I think it's actually pretty good too, it's really the susceptibility to dupes that gets me.

Adam Laskowitz

Not finding these discussions in Google searches and not having code tags makes it difficult. For example, as a first time user, I searched Google for questions and found nothing. Then I realized (a few days later) that there is a Facebook group for code discussion. It's just not the norm.

Koen Bok

Yeah that's a good point. We are working on a small blog for curated content like announcements, cool prototypes and tips. We'll use content from in here and link back to it.

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