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Elliott Kember
Posted Jul 24 - Read on Facebook

I'm having trouble importing PSDs to the latest version of Framer Studio. I get a "Could not read data file", then the usual progress bar updates / Photoshop madness, and the files are imported into the directory, but no code appears in my editor. Anybody else?


Noah Levin

Yeah mine isn't working either -- it says it finished but doesn't appear in my editor either +Koen Bok

David Silva

I had some issues at first because I had some master group layers turned off. With iOS for example, I sometimes design multiple screens within the same file and then group each screen. Framer doesn't like that. Make sure that everything you want is all in 1 folder and that is all that is in the file.

Koen Bok

Hmm just ran a test and seems to be fine here.

Koen Bok

Also tried CC 2014 and works fine too. Can you maybe share the export log here:

Koen Bok

The "Could not read data file" is just that this is the first export ever. I made that message more clear for the next version.

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