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Koen Bok
Posted May 23 - Read on Facebook

I just added VideoLayer to Framer. It allows you to easily add a video to a layer and play, pause, loop or skip to a point. It's also easy to get events like progress, start and ended.

The VideoLayer can do anything a normal layer can do. So you can animate it or apply any effect like blur or sepia.

I'll add official documentation soon, for now you can check the example below for basic usage. You will need the latest framer.js to use it, you can download it on the builds page or select "File > Update Framer" from within Framer Studio.

Here is a basic example:


Osub Lee

Quick question: How should I upload the video so I could link it?? I've tried youtube and it didn't work.. and google drive didn't work either... any solutions??

John Smith

does the video layer have a stop() method? pause() just stop the play back but when playing the video it starts off at the last point it started.

Koen Bok

Protip: this is great for adding (small) pixel-based animations that you for example create in After Effects.

Pasquale D'Silva

fuck yes.

Aaron Carámbula

Yes! Thanks Koen.

Aaron Carámbula

Oh bummer on mobile safari it has to pop a video view

Koen Bok

Aaron we have to fix that in Framer Viewer

Koen Bok

It's just a flag on the webview

Aaron Carámbula

Oh no way!

Jonathan Lévy


Johannes Eckert


Paul Stamatiou

disregard my last comment.. just saw this :)

Aaron Root

Perfect timing!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Nice Koen.

Shamik Ray

Exactly what I was hoping to have.Awesome!

Ronald Rez

thanks. in the current framer however it throws an error related to the events (see attached error message screen grab):
videoLayer.player.on "play", ->
print ""

videoLayer.player.on "ended", -> # Loop
print "video.ended"

any ideas why and how to fix that?

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