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Andrei Popovici
Posted Jul 22 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone,
Do you know if Framer.js works in any way, shape or form with SVG files?
I know one could be imported as an image, but is there an option to export from Sketch as SVG instead of .png? It would make it a lot easier to add hover states, etc. instead of creating each as a separate image...
A quick search on the Interwebs turned out nothing related to Framer and SVG...


Aaron Carámbula

Not that I know of, but can you elaborate on what would be easier about hovers? Changing some visual properties?

Would exporting them as native web elements be as good or better?

Andrei Popovici

Not singling out hovers, it just seems like we could have much more control if we exported elements as SVGs, particularly from Sketch, which supports it natively. Even creating new image-less layers in Framer could be deferred to SVG, as it would give more fine-grained control over everything.

Take hovers, for example. If I have a simple hover effect that say, thickens an icon's stroke on mouseover. Currently I'd have to create a new layer in PS or Sketch, export and toggle between the two, instead of writing a couple of lines of JS code.

Andrei Popovici

Funnily enough, I realized this when I looked at an old project, where I thought I used Framer.js. Turns out we used SVG + jQuery instead... (

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