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Luka Marčec
Posted Jul 16 - Read on Facebook

I created a prototype for a Pinterest profile-photo click in Android app. You can clcik on the profile picture and there's a card with bigger image that pops up. You can close that card by clicking X button in ther right corner. I don't like how that gesture is set up now in Android app since it has no interactive animation.

Check it out here:


Timo Bsse

Give your animation more context by adding authentic motion to the overlay. This document is very helpful to understand the concept:

Alex Hazel

Also fix the "X" close button. It's not animating properly and it is not respecting the bounds of the container in which it resides.

Baed Dennis Rick

And the Avatar should At least have the Same shapemask like the small image. To give the user a clue how the picture will look like

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