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Min-Sang Choi
Posted Oct 31 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys,

This is framer.js version of facebook camera prototype that I created a while ago with origami(

Note: It's chrome+desktop (works on mobile chrome though) only, and you have to allow camera access to see cameraview.

Dribbble :
you can try yourself here:


Samwoo E

Holy crap. This is awesome!

Braden Hamm

I love this. Couldn't get it to work on mobile Chrome though.

Min-Sang Choi

Braden Hamm Argh my bad, it only works with android chrome.

Julius Gehrig

this is crazy good!

Abdou Ghr

amazing. i am thinking about something almost similar. Is this doable for short video shot (1min)? getUserMedia API?

Min-Sang Choi

Abdou Ghr haven't tried yet. my demo just draws an image from webcam to canvas. but if you can record a video with JS/HTML, I think it'll be totally doable. :-)

Abdou Ghr

ok im going to try, thnks for inspiration :)

Harsha Vardhan R

Hi Min-Sang Choi . Awesome post with using the camera. Can you let me know how to use the rear camera instead of the front, in a mobile app?

Noam Elbaz

Min-Sang Choi how did you get the camera to work (i have android /chorme)?

Min-Sang Choi

Noam Elbaz I created custom layer by using html video tag. check this tutorial :

Noam Elbaz

Min-Sang Choi thanks. I'll give it a try.

Dami Dina

Min-Sang Choi can you please send me an updated url?

Min-Sang Choi

Dami Dina Hi, I think I lost the file as well. but I have similar example that might be helpful, please note this example is pretty outdated and might not work under the latest API (haven't tested) : will try update this stuff when I have time :-)

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