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Comést Savatino
Posted Jul 15 - Read on Facebook

Over the past few months I've learned Javascript and Jquery, and have grown more confident in using them. However, I'm very excited and eager to learn/use FramerJs Studio. Are the basics/language sections on the site *really* sufficient to get started using this application? Or do I need more intermediate/advanced understanding of CoffeeScript to be efficient?


Florian Pnn

The basic are enough, if you struggle and know how you should do it in JS I suggest to just use to see how it's done and learn from what you are trying to use.

Koen Bok

Yep we went through a few iterations of our docs and tweaked them to based on how we saw people use them. They should be easy and fun but let you do powerful stuff quickly.

That said, it's hard to make lessons that work for everyone. If you get stuck or have other feedback please let us know how we can improve them.

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