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Ivo Vos
Posted Jul 15 - Read on Facebook


I've been trying to use the in combination with the 'undocumented' layer.states.previous() in order to create a prev/next slideshow interaction. This works perfectly in FramerStudio and on Safari/Chrome in the browser. With Safari or Chrome on iOS the layer.states.previous() however shows an unexpected animation as you get to the last state and start cycling back. It seems that it cycles through all the states before landing on the previous one.

Does states.previous() have known issues in iOS browsers or would it be something in my code?

Thanks, great tool!


Koen Bok

There is no reason it should behave differently so it's likely a bug in Framer or your code. Any chance you can send me the example so I can inspect? koen at madebysofa dot com

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