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Marc Krenn
Posted Jul 15 - Read on Facebook

Is it just me or are constrained "draggables" kinda broken in framer3?

Back in framer2 you could something like this:


PSD.layer.on(Events.DragMove, function() {
if (layer.x < 0) {
layer.x = 1;

= User drags the layer to the left until it hits x=1 and then it would sit there, not being able to move any further to the left (User still holds down/drags -> is able to drag it back to the right, if he wants to).


It's a fairly simple logic and as I said, it worked perfectly in framer2. Now, the same logic in framer3 seems to be barely-to-none-functional:

It appears that whenever the layer hits the if-boundary or its speedX gets changed, the layer snaps back to its origin for either some milliseconds or even permanently. And most of the time the if-boundary doesn't seem to have any effect AT ALL, like it gets overwritten by some other underlying logic. I don't know what exactly causes this problem, but to seems like there's something off.

Now, I've looked this problem up and it looks like other people made similar discoveries before. However, the only proposed solution is a non-documented property called "maxDragFrame" that I can't figure out on my own.

Would anyone be so kind and point me to a working example or draft-documentation for this property? Also, from what I've read so far about "maxDragFrame", it seems a bit over-engineered for what it does ... what do you guys think?

Anyway thanks a lot!


Алексей Кольченко

See the CodePen for using maxDragFrame:

Marc Krenn

thanks, Алексей!

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