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Koen Bok
Posted Jul 20 - Read on Facebook

We are happy to announce native Framer integration for Sketch. We shipped Sketch integration with Framer Studio and Generator a few weeks ago, but we soon found out it was buggier than we hoped and we needed a completely other approach.

Starting from Sketch 3.0.4 there's a native Framer support in Sketch. It is much faster (5-10x), and has been very stable in our initial tests, solving all of the crashes we had before. You will still need Sketch Beta today, but it should be available in a release version of Sketch soon.

You can try it out today by downloading the latest Sketch Beta and Framer (or Check for Update in app):

Other notable changes:

- Masked layers in Sketch are no longer exported as scrolling Framer layers. You'll need to add 'scroll' to the layer name. This fixes a bug where masked layers not intended for scrolling would be exported incorrectly.

- All Artboards in your document will be exported at (0,0) coordinates, but only the first one will be set to visible. This is intended to help you animate transitions from one screen to another without having to reposition layers.

Report issues and bugs here:


Min-Sang Choi

Cheers! :-)

Koen Bok

And again, thanks Ale for all the hacking!

Ale Muñoz

It's been a pleasure. Sorry everyone for taking so long, I hope the speed gains will make up for the time lost and hair pulling : )

Daniël van der Winden


Antoine Plu

Awesome! Thanks a lot for it ;)

Brian Saunders

This is great news, thank you.

Moaaz Sidat

That's awesome news for Sketch/Framer folks! :D

Elliott Kember


Maykel Loomans


Stephen Crowley

Taking it for a spin now. Thanks for the hard work guys! Making my design process even faster

Kristian Hjelle


Cemre Güngör

ale is a hero :)

Christophe Tauziet


Aaron Carámbula

Thank you!

Noah Tsutsui

You guys are an improvement on Jesus!

Ed Chao


Luka Marčec

Let's hope that next update will be Framer Studio for Windows!

Gavin McFarland

Thanks! Look forward to giving it a a go.

Herve Mischler

Sketch 3.0.4 is available on the App store, I updated it but framer still asks for Sketch Beta… Am I missing something here?

Kostantinos Frantzis

YES guys!!! thanks

Andrea Cervellin

great! thank you guys!

Kostantinos Frantzis

Ale cheers for the amazing work. Is the addition of * at the end of a layer name to flatten it not supported anymore?

Ale Muñoz

Konstantinos: that should be working, but I'll double check once I get back in front of my laptop : )

Noah Tsutsui

Hey guys, can you explain what you mean by "native Framer support in Sketch"? From this description I would assume there is some way to write CS in Sketch... So far, I can't figure out how to use this feature. I'm Sketch beta build 8125.

Ale Muñoz

Noah what this means is we now use a faster & better exporter from Framer Studio and Generator. You don't have to do anything special, just update to the latest Generator or Studio, and latest Sketch beta, and you'll be using the new exporter (it has no visible changes, other than it being fast and stable : )

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