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Rafael Puyana
Posted Jul 11 - Read on Facebook

Can anyone point out how do I access a sublayer group that comes from Photoshop?

My file has a folder called "TOP_MENU". I can access that without problem, but inside it, there is another folder called "bar" and I cannot find a way to access that one.

I Generated the framer files from a Photoshop file.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


Rafael Puyana

When i say access I mean being able to change its properties from Framer

Koen Bok

The import is a flat list. So you should be able to access it the exact same way:

myImportedLayers["TOP_MENU"].visible = false
myImportedLayers["bar"].visible = false

Florian Pnn

Koen Maybe you could embed the snippet from Cemre when importing from PS/Sketch :

for layerGroupName of myImportedLayers
window[layerGroupName] = myImportedLayers[layerGroupName]

Koen Bok

Florian this is only a good idea if you know what you are doing. For example if you have a group called "Layer" or "window" you will break everything.

Florian Pnn

Koen You are right, I didn't thought about this possibility!

Rafael Puyana

Guys you are the best. Koen, you are on top of everything !! Such a fantastic work you are doing.

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