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Tyrale Bloomfield
Posted Jul 09 - Read on Facebook

Diving into Sketch and Framer Studio. Can I get a little help using multiple Artboards? I use the import function and seem to only get access to layers from the 1st Artboard generated in that file.

How can I get access to or manipulate layers from the other Artboards?


Nadine Han

There was a post about that here before.
That's what Koen said: "From what I understand, they are all exported but all of them except the first one have .visible set to false. You can press "esc" to inspect all your layers and see if they are there."

Tyrale Bloomfield

That 'esc' function is nearly useless. But I figured it out thanks to your suggestion that they are set to false on default.

Nadine Han

You could also right click in Framer Studio and select "Inspect Element"

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