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Stephen Crowley
Posted Jul 10 - Read on Facebook

I have my iPad prototype launching from homescreen (via "Add to Home") but now am getting the elastic scrolling. Tried different methods with no luck. Anyone running into similar issues?


Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Did you try the solution shown in this page:

because I use sometimes iScroll with frame, I only need this:

event.preventDefault() ;

Tisho Georgiev

Are you using the latest Framer? It includes a fix for the elastic scrolling, which should be applied automatically when viewing a prototype on any iOS device. You can try manually applying it by putting this line before all your other code:


Stephen Crowley

I am using the the latest Framer but the line of code worked. Thank you Tisho!

Koen Bok

Stephen what phone where you using it on? I might have to improve the isMobile function.

Stephen Crowley

Koen iPad Air

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