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Sarah Kranz
Posted Jul 08 - Read on Facebook

hey there .. seems you need a dropbox pro account to create a public folder? ... is there any other handy way to share a prototype and preview on device?


Stephen Crowley

I do a SimpleHTTPServer when testing on devices, as long as you are on the same network.

Florian Pnn

The best is to use PhoneGap if you can, it will just be a webview looking like a native app.

Baed Dennis Rick

But u don't need a pro account

Braden Hamm

I couldn't get the public link to work if I got it from the Dropbox app on my iPhone. I had to go to the website on my desktop to get the link, message it to myself then open it on my phone and it worked.

Rob Jones

You don't need Dropbox Pro for public folders. It should just be there by default. You can get the public Dropbox URL for your Framer index.html file in the Finder via right-click on file and choosing "Copy Public Link". Send this link via email/text to your phone and open in mobile Safari.

Luis Ricardo La Torre

There is a folder already called Public by default, unless you deleted.

Sarah Kranz

thank you all for your quick response! I deleted the puplic folder on my private account, trying to get it back sends me to this page:

Sarah Kranz

I get a dialog for Share Dropbox Link but not Copy Public Link, and with this, the index.html can't be displayed (Chrome / Android). Anyway, I'll check out your alternatives ;)

Stephen Crowley

Ah, bummer :/ I started messing around and my only question is "what happens when you try adding a new folder called Public?" Is that what you did?

Sarah Kranz

it just reacts like a normal folder and does not provide public links ;(

Stephen Crowley

Ok, if you create a folder called Public in the web interface and then refresh the page it might work? If it still doesn't recognize as the special Public folder just try signing out and back in on the web interface for the hell of it? Let me know if that does anything.

Florian Pnn

Maybe just reinstall the dropbox app?

Sarah Kranz

I tried all that and it did not change anything. When logged in with the business account or people with pro sub can bring back the public folder even if it was deleted, but obviously not when just using the normal private account. Its pretty much what they say in the screenshot above, obviously they stepped away from this public folder concept and promote via mail addresses ..

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