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Gavin McFarland
Posted Sep 12 - Read on Facebook

Does anyone know what happened to the cloud parallax scrolling example on


Benjamin Den Boer

It's back up now!

Gavin McFarland

Have you got a link, I can't find it on Thanks

Gavin McFarland

Great, thanks Benjamin.

Gavin McFarland

Hey Benjamin I don't know if you're aware but the scrolling parallax demo doesn't work on a touch device. I'm trying to create a scrolling parallax effect and it didn't work in my prototype but then I noticed the example also doesn't work on touch devices either.

Gavin McFarland

I tried looking at on an iPad and iPhone but none of the links work. Perhaps this is related?

Tisho Georgiev

Gavin, you're right that the parallax example is broken on mobile. I'll fix it today and send out a PR. The problem is that event.y isn't defined on touch. To get around that, you can use Event.touchEvent(event).clientY, instead of event.y and it should work.

Gavin McFarland

No problem, thanks for the suggestion. Is there somewhere I can learn more about touch events?

Fredrik Ampler

it would be super helpful to see the touch version of this, Tisho Georgiev! Did you get it fixed?

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