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Ross Papa
Posted Jul 07 - Read on Facebook

Hey there,

I just downloaded Framer Studio and am excited to get going. I'm running into a weird bug that's preventing me from getting any work done.

When I begin typing something, the autocomplete form pops up and doesn't go away. I've tried pressing ESC, clicking to a different part of the code, choosing an option...all with no avail.

Does anyone have any insight on what I can do to either fix this or turn off the autocomplete feature?



Aaron Carámbula

Wow. I haven't encountered this at all. Maybe specify the version of framer studio, Mac OS, and anything else that might be relevant?

And have you tried restarting and all that to see if this goes away?

Ross Papa

I'm using Mac OS X 10.8.5 and Framer Studio version 1.0.152. If there's anything else that I could provide that would help, let me know!

Jorn van Dijk

A fix for this is coming soon. For now, you can update to 10.9 and the problem should be resolved.

Albin Ekblom

10.8.5 is years old man!

Ross Papa

Haha yeah, I guess I'm pretty behind. Didn't have a good reason to update until now.

Updating to 10.9 solved the problem. Thanks everyone!

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