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Ahmad Shadeed
Posted Jul 04 - Read on Facebook


There is an issue with the app.js file, once I deleted the default code inside it and add the following:
PSD["Content"].visible = false

Then, the index.html renders an empty page like the attached. Same result happened when the app.js file is empty, in case I didn't delete the default code, it renders the PSD file correctly.
Any help please?



Benjamin Den Boer

It's likely that you're also deleting the import declaration. Could you paste the default app.js code you're presented with?

Ahmad Shadeed

myLayers = Framer.Importer.load("imported/product_details")

// Demo code
// Bounce all the views

for (layerName in myLayers) {

var layer = myLayers[layerName];

layer.on(Events.Click, function(event, layer) {

// Wind up the layer by making it smaller
layer.scale = 0.7

// Animate the layer back to the original size with a spring
properties: {scale:1.0},
curve: "spring",
curveOptions: {
friction: 15,
tension: 1000,

// Only animate this layer, not other ones below

Ahmad Shadeed

I tried to declare the PSD object after the import line but it shows me a javascript error.

Benjamin Den Boer

What is it you're trying to do? Hide a group named "Content"?

Ahmad Shadeed

Yes, this is my first try and I want to test framer.

Benjamin Den Boer

Does this work for you?

myLayers = Framer.Importer.load("imported/product_details")
myLayers["Content"].visible = false

Benjamin Den Boer

It may be that you hadn't also replaced the myLayers variable with "PSD" or used the myLayers variable for both declarations.

Ahmad Shadeed

Thank you Benjamin Den Boer It works! :)

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