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Ning Chen
Posted Aug 24 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone, I am new to this prototyping tool and it looks good.
One questions, I am confused by default size of iphone screen (the one when you open a new file). It seems the size is less than either 640*1136 or 640*960. How can I adjust the size of the screen?
Also, for the black iphone image, I'd like to make it into white...


Jorn van Dijk

You can select a different device (white) on the bottom right of the UI. Screen size for iPhone is 640/1136 indeed.

Ning Chen

Jorn van Dijk thank you buddy! I found it!

Ning Chen

Jorn van Dijk I am still confused... when I create a layer with 640 width and 1136 height, the layer still can't be display wholly within the iphone 5 scree. It will get out of the border of the screen. It may sound silly but that's what I encounter...

Francesco Fiore

Hi Ning Chen,
I think i encountered your same issue.
The canvas will be bigger as the content and so will be scrollable.

So what i did was to create a level called Main 640*1136 at 0,0 and append all the other with:

So i can control the canvas as a view and display it correctly.
Also be sure to test the prototype using Clear Browser and not Safari.

Andreas Wahlström

Are you using Studio? Make sure the content zoom matches the phone. Sounds like your content is at 100% zoom while the phone frame is at 50%

Edward Sanchez

Yes, Both content and Screen need to be set to the same %.

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