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Keith Lang
Posted Jul 15 - Read on Facebook

Feature request: Would love if this already exists and I'd missed it… I'd love to import Sketch files with each Artboard assigned to a state. This might enable a Keynote 'magic move' like ease of setting up some screens and animating between states.

Layer groups that are not common between states would have a copied/empty object that has 0 opacity for that state. Commonly-named layergroups between artboards could be copied into the same object as subgroups with some naming convention, and states set appropriately.

For example:
With 2 artboards containing



Ale Muñoz

That's been sitting on my TODO list for some time. Patrick Keenan did an amazing job here but that's based in the old exporter (Sketch 2 to Framer 2). I hope one day I'll find the time to chat with him and work together on magic move for Sketch 3 to Framer 3 : )

Florian Pnn

That would clearly be awesome Ale !
If you want some help let me know!

Ale Muñoz

I think a Framer library / plugin might be the best way to approach this (something like Cemre Güngör did with ). Currently, we're exporting all the artboards in a document, but we hide them all except the first one. I did this precisely thinking about this feature, and it shouldn't be too hard to turn them into states. I believe that's what Patrick did here:

Patrick Keenan

Hey Keith, you should actually be able to use the plugin in its current state(no pun intended). The challenge for the future will be how to integrate with studio. For now I've just been doing my old workflow of with bower, since I'm working with polymer. A stumbling block has been shadows on layers and dealing with outerstrokes since there's a bug in sketch. Ale, I'll take a look at Cemre's plugin for the best way to add functionality to studio.

Keith Lang

Hey thanks Patrick Keenan, I've got the plugin running in the beta and I see it outputting a folder of contents. I'm a bit confused though… how do I open this project into Framer Studio? I've tries a bunch of approaches, no luck so far…

Patrick Keenan

Hey Keith, I've written a new plugin for doing artboards in framer, I've also added support for dat.GUI for tweaking variables. Have a look, let me know if you encounter any issues.


Project file:

Keith Lang

Hey Patrick Keenan thanks! I'm checking it out. I admit the video is taking me a number of views to understand what's happening... seems very exciting.

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