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Kostantinos Frantzis
Posted Jul 02 - Read on Facebook

sketch beta (3.0.4) is crashing while running sketch framer generator (3.0.31). Same sketches that I could generate for framer on the previous beta version (of sketch) are not working now with the generator. Any ideas?


Kostantinos Frantzis

I have a feeling it is todays sketch beta update 3.0.4 (8019). Can I downgrade to see if this is the case? Koen Bok

Koen Bok

I bet Ale knows more.

Ale Muñoz

We've made some slight changes in the last version, but they should improve the situation, not make it worse : ) Please double check you're exporting the same files, as sometimes making a small change makes the file infinitesimally more complex, thus crashing Sketch. Anyway: you can rescue the old version from your Trash.

Ale Muñoz

Also: if you could share your crashing files privately with us at [email protected] that would really help us fix this issue : )

Nadine Han

Your update made it better for me. No more crashes on a file, that chrashed every time before :)

Stephen Crowley

I'm having this issue as well. Ale Muñoz mind if I send you my sketch file?

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