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Marcus Gellermark
Posted Jul 01 - Read on Facebook

Kinda noob-ish question here:
How do I avoid the top layer from clipping behind the layer in the background when playing with rotationX?

My guess is that it's something kinda easy :)


Marcus Gellermark

I guess one could play around with "z:" on the layer below but it dosen't seem to be the best way.

Andreas Wahlström

I usually just style the background directly instead of using a separate layer. eg. = "black".

Marcus Gellermark

The thing is that I want multiple layers in the background. The white box is sort of a popover that lays on top of the rest of the app.

Gavin McFarland

I believe if you turn off CSS transforms on the background layer it will prevent this from happening.

Try: = {"-webkit-transform":"none"}

Gavin McFarland

I've created an example where I have it working. Although I've only tested it in Chrome.

Marcus Gellermark

I got it to work with your suggestion and adding some "z:" to the popover layer. Thanx!

Edit: In both Framer Studio and iPhone

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