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Gavin McFarland
Posted Jul 01 - Read on Facebook

I'm trying to imitate a slide in transition for iPad but one problem I have is that the scroll position for the next view scrolls also meaning that unless all the views are scrolled to the top to begin with it won't slide in correctly.

I believe this is happening because both pages are sub layers of the super layer and when they scroll they scroll together.

Please look at the video to see the problem in action.

I welcome any issues you might have to get around this problem.


Koen Bok

I think you need something like this in the bottom pane:

bottomLayer.on Events.Scroll, (event) ->
if topLayerIsVisible

Koen Bok

This will stop the scroll event bubbling to the layer behind it.

Gavin McFarland

Thanks, I was able to work around it when I gave each sub layer a fixed height so that only the contents scrolled (and not the sub layer itself). Your technique could be useful with another thing I'm working on though.

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