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Nadine Han
Posted Jun 30 - Read on Facebook

I'm using Framer Studio with Sketch since yesterday. Evertything works fine until, Sketch starts to crash while importing. Is there anything I can do about it ? I can't import my latest changes, because Sketch crashes before importing finishes :(


Andreas Wahlström

Try adding * to the end of the layers you don't need. That will flatten its structure and make the document less complex

Nadine Han

Thank you so much, saved my day :)

Nadine Han

Hmm...ok I think that's not the solution. If I do that some elements will disappear, after I import the sketch file :/

Koen Bok

Yes, the Sketch importer is not rock solid at this point. But we're working on an alternative approach.

Until then, you'll find a lot of older posts here with how to get it to work in the current version with tricks.

Nadine Han

Ok got it, had to manually set some layers visible...

Nadine Han

Will there be a fix for complex sketch files in the near future ?

Koen Bok

No hard guarantees in programming, but it looks like it.

Danny Giebe

I thought you can't use framer with sketch 3 right now? Is it possible?

Koen Bok

Yes you can (Sketch Beta) but it can be buggy.

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