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Manuel Paolo Luca Haring
Posted Jun 30 - Read on Facebook

how can i open the project on my iphone by using dropbox? how is the index.html opened in safari?


Stephen Crowley

Put your project in a Dropbox public folder and right click on your index.html to get the public share link

Manuel Paolo Luca Haring

hm. i did that. then i tap download on my iphone and nothing happens :3

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Try to make sure your public folder is actually able to "serve" html files. If I remember newer accounts were not able to do it, so you may have to enable (if your status allow? ) :

I had to do this months ago, don't know if it still needed.

Manuel Paolo Luca Haring

thanks guys

Braden Hamm

I had trouble with this as well. I had to get the public link from the actual Dropbox website then send it to myself so I could open it on my phone. It didn't work when I copied the link from the iOS app for some reason.

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