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Ahmad Shadeed
Posted Jun 29 - Read on Facebook

Anyone can help me so solve these problems?



Koen Bok

Photoshop only gives very generic debug info so it's hard to tell what exactly is going wrong.

In this case I can see that it is trying to export an image from a layer group and fails. That is mostly due to (a combination) of more exotic settings on a layer. It shouldn't be too hard to disable some layers and figure out which one is the problem. If you have an idea what it might be, I'd love to hear it so I can try to fix it for a future version.

Ahmad Shadeed

Just figured out the problem, it was about naming a group. The name should be without slashes "//", it was " // CONTENT // " and I renamed it to " CONTENT" then it works!

Another question, why it doesn't export the white background? pls check the attached image and notice how the content background is transparent, it should be white. (In the PSD file there is a white layer under all the groups, so basically it should export it)

Thanks Koen :)

Koen Bok

Put the white layer in it's own group.

Ahmad Shadeed

Thank Koen. Is there a way to make the screen fit on my screen without scrolling? I should scroll down to see all the screen.

Koen Bok

Remove the status bar in you doc and save it as a web app on your phone. Then launch it from your home screen.

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