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Rob Jones
Posted Jun 27 - Read on Facebook

Interesting video presentation by a guy named Meng To. He advocates for doing all mobile prototyping in Xcode (specifically over Framer and Origami).

I think it's an interesting proposition, but beyond linking static screenshots in Xcode Storyboards, things get very complicated in Xcode. Fast.

Thoughts from you guys using Framer?


Braden Hamm

I think they're different. Framer is more focused on interactions, not multiple screens. Xcode seems more about storyboards than interactions.

Braden Hamm

If I were helping build an iOS app, I would use Meng To's approach to give the dev's a head start. Then when I wanted to add some fun interactions, I would demonstrate them to the dev's with framer. Both have +-

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Yep, I see Xcode Storyboard as a nice way of replacing the screen - linking style of prototyping tools (like invisio and others )

Framer for me has 2 focus:

1. to explore and create possible interaction both macro (between screens) and micro (between component )

2. to experiment with motion design without having to resort to motion tools.

Xcode would be really strange / or demand way more knowledge.

my 2 cents ;)

Joshua Turner

Learn Xcode? Ain't nobody got time for that!

Rob Jones

I think flinto is far easier and faster than Xcode storyboards and Framer for prototyping flows through multiple screens ("macro" interactions in Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira's terms).

When I need to test "micro" interactions on one (or a very few) screens, Framer shines (though I wish Studio had better built-in methods for device preview). Origami is neat, but QC is totally confusing and you can't preview on devices (non-starter for me)

Daniel Jimenez Nassar

Invission great for bigger user flows (quick and easy). Origami, avocado, framer awesome for detailed interactions ( one screen sort if thing..) with an incredible level of polish. (IMHO)

Robin Raszka

Meng To is the man

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