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Koen Bok
Posted Oct 15 - Read on Facebook

Framer does not have a built-in way to deal with complex gestures (yet) but luckily you can mix-and-mash with other js frameworks. Here is an example how to use hammer.js with Framer to support a range of advanced gestures:


Jorn van Dijk

CC Tom & Garrett

Braden Hamm


Garrett Murray

Awesome, thanks Koen Bok. Gonna play with this now.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Was wondering about this last night. Thx.

Kostantinos Frantzis

Thanks for this, on adjusting the example code nothing beyond the tap gesture works for me. Any ideas?

layerA = new Layer backgroundColor: "red"
layerA.on Events.doubleTap, ->
layerA.x = 200;
layerA.y = 200;

Koen Bok

Events.doubleTap -> Events.DoubleTap

Joey Azoulai

Koen, thanks for the example. However, I am getting a 'reference error: Can't find variable: Hammer'. Any idea why? I downloaded your provided zip, and opened it using Framer Studio, and was prompted to upgrade the file. Does your example perhaps require the I work with Framer.js directly, and not Framer Studio? Please advise. Thanks!

Stephen Crowley

Joey Azoulai - My guess is Framer asked you to create a new project (because this example is prior to several updates) Make sure that you have hammer.js in your project folder and it is referenced in the index.html.

Stephen Crowley

Joey Azoulai - see if this helps:

Joey Azoulai

Stephen Crowley thanks your example worked! Hammer.js was included in the other examples i tested, so I have no idea what did the trick. Just happy to have a working example to start from. Thanks again :)

Stephen Crowley


Anders Hedwig

Thx <3

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