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Lincoln Doyle
Posted Aug 20 - Read on Facebook

My team has expressed alot of interest and wants to use Framer as well. But since we're a windows shop...

I'm still working with // FramerPS version 1.5 (c) on Windows, and I was wondering if someone could point me towards a copy of the old docs or a new .JSX script to match the current ver. ?



Koen Bok

I'll really try to ship the Framer 3 JSX this week.

Lincoln Doyle

Dude your the man. 😁

Lincoln Doyle


Lincoln Doyle

Koen any updates on this? or should i just buy a macbook. life's just not worth living w.out framer.

Koen Bok

Well MacBooks are great machines. To fix this I just need 1/2 days to hammer it out, but there always seems to be something more pressing, I'm sorry. It is on my radar and I will do it, it's just hard to promise when.

Meanwhile if someone with a little js/windows experience wants to give it a shot themselves feel free to ping me for access to the code. It's basically just a matter of adding the template files and running some tests.

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