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Luis Ricardo La Torre
Posted Aug 01 - Read on Facebook

There is a bunch of awesome tips by Cemre Güngör but everything got messed up when started using Framer Studio? Anyone.


George Kedenburg III

Studio only runs Coffeescript. Try running the snippets through this converter:

Luis Ricardo La Torre

it's not the coffee, I think is the name of the layer, but I dunno how to fix it

Luis Ricardo La Torre

since PSD doesn't exists anymore.

Koen Bok

He updated the library already. Check this example:

Luis Ricardo La Torre

My question now would be. I have to change the name of the layer/groups in Sketch so they have to be one word, for it to work in coffescript?

Cemre Güngör

Koen Bok Ale Muñoz i think it's because sketch-framer-3 doesn't fix empty spaces in layer names anymore.

Cemre Güngör

Hmm I could actually do this on the library's end

Luis Ricardo La Torre

Utils.domLoadDataSync: no data was loaded (url not found?)

Cemre Güngör

Luis: did you copy library.js into your framer studio project folder? it has to be there so you can import it.

Luis Ricardo La Torre

TypeError: Attempting to change value of a readonly property.

Ale Muñoz

Cemre: did we fix empty spaces before? Geebus, I'm off to fix that! : )

Cemre Güngör

ale: yea I changed them with underscores though I could just do that in library

Thani Suchoknand

I am having the same 'readonly' issue

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