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Jeff Orshalick
Posted Jun 24 - Read on Facebook

Is anyone else interested in having the Framer also use Illustrator files in addition to Photoshop and Sketch?


Cemre Güngör

I have doubts that the official team has this on the roadmap but if you manage to create an exporter plugin for illustrator that produces the right files, why not? sketch integration started this way :)

Jeff Orshalick

Yeah, I figured the exporting of layers is similar to that of Photoshop from a syntax perspective.

Koen Bok

I can add you to the Photoshop generator repo. Just need your Github handle.

Thomas Aylott

The layer hierarchy walking code was super hairy to create. The source for that lives inside the node-Photoshop repo. There's an older copy of FakeLayer and FakeDocument from node-Photoshop in the Framer Photoshop generator thing.

I haven't tried using any of these libs in illustrator yet. I would be very shocked if the layer hierarchy walking code for Photoshop worked in illustrator, but most of the es5 shim and other lower level stuff should work.

Maybe check out the ART-illustrator project to see how Sebastian Markbåge does it:

Jeff Orshalick

Koen Bok, my GitHub handle is jorshalick.

Koen Bok


Jeff Orshalick


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