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Jon Gold
Posted Jun 13 - Read on Facebook

Has anyone experimented with hooking Sketch-Framer into their JS build tools? Early thought but would it be possible to do a on a .sketch file and trigger the plugin automatically? I already have gulp watching my exported assets & layers.json & livereloading, getting rid of the extra step where you have to click 'Import' in Framer Generator would be epic.


Braden Hamm

Haven't made the jump to Sketch yet, but I would love to have a feature like that for Photoshop.

Koen Bok

Should not be too hard. Run make build in the repo and check build/framersketch/

Ale Muñoz

yay for tools that take care of the boring work : )

Jon Gold

:D perfect; going away for the weekend but will give it a shot next week :)

Koen Bok

Or maybe wait a week or so before you put a lot of time into this...

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