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Kai Oliver Reuter
Posted Jun 05 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, framer is really a great tool for interaction designer like me but i habe a problem with the draggable functionality i added to an object. On desktop browsers it works pretty well but in safari on iOS it doesn't work quiet well. How can i prevent iOS to scroll the document when i drag an object around? How do you solve this problem? Thanks guys!


Johannes Eckert

Check out Tisho's Framer Template:

It does that and so much more.

Koen Bok

We're also working on getting it into the standard library.

Kai Oliver Reuter

Thanks for the quick response. I'm looking forward to upcoming updates for framer.

ShekMan Tang

I think I had a similar problem before, and I had to replace all my drag events with TouchStart/Move/End

To prevent the browser bounce, I think I had something like this at the start:
function stopScrolling( touchEvent ) { touchEvent.preventDefault(); }
document.addEventListener( 'touchstart' , stopScrolling , false );
document.addEventListener( 'touchmove' , stopScrolling , false );

Kai Oliver Reuter

Thanks, i have tried the framer-template from tisho and it worked for me, but i will also try your suggestion

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