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Atilla Özcan
Posted Jun 04 - Read on Facebook

hi, Is it possible to hide the statusbar on iphone/ipad webapp?


Cemre Güngör

Do you mean toolbar?

Atilla Özcan

the bar on the top when you open the prototype as webapp. is it called status bar?

Atilla Özcan
Rob Jones

The code he shows required jQuery.. did you add it? He does mention the approach may not work in future versions of iOS (the post was from 2013)

Johannes Eckert

You cannot hide the statusbar on web app, you can only control if its solid, transparent (and the app runs behind it) or the color of the text (with some hackery like flinto showed).
In my prototypes, I have a statusbar layer. I hide it when I detect that Utils.isTouch() is true, so I assume its running in a web app with the device's own statusbar.

If you want real full screen mode of your prototype, there will be soon

Atilla Özcan

I see, so looking forward to try framerview.. Thank you Johannes Eckert

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