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Koen Bok
Posted Jun 10 - Read on Facebook

Framer Generator Sketch Beta

We're happy to announce the first beta of Framer Generator with Sketch support. Many thanks to the Sketch team, and Ale and Cemre especially, for making this happen.

There are still some issues to be figured out. If you find one, please check the issues here and file a new one if you think it's missing. It would be great if you could include the Sketch file and a full description of the issue so we can try to reproduce it.

Before you begin:

- You need Sketch Beta for this to work:
- Your Sketch file needs to be saved (once) before you run Framer Generator
- Multiple Pages are not supported. Use Artboards instead.
- Multiple Artboards are supported, but only the first one will be visible. You'll need to enable visibility in your code. For your convenience, the position for all Artboard is set to {0,0} on export, so you can easily use them for i.e: state switching.

Get it here:
- (Framer Generator 3.0.29 or newer)
- Or click "Check for Updates" in the Framer Generator menu


Fran Pérez

Finally! Congrats to everyone involved. Amazing work! :D

Stephen Crowley


Omer Frank


William Hutter


Koen Bok

Yup, only Sketch beta for now. See the post for link.

Luka Marčec

It's amazing to see how Framer is getting even better and better!

Sebastian Grąz

That's it I'm ditching photoshop

Luis Ricardo La Torre

I am using elements from the sketch template and they don't get render in the browser? :(

Cemre Güngör

Luis La Torre try to group every individual element, flat shapes get exported together with the background

Ale Muñoz

Also: avoid using slashes in layer names. I've fixed that issue in the repo, but the version in Generator still has the bug : )

Koen Bok

Just pushed an update that fixes a ton of issues. For exact fixes look here:

You can update by selecting "Check for Updates" from the app menu. Or just re download from

Ale Muñoz

"Framer Generator 3.0.29 is currently the newest version available." : /

Ale Muñoz

Ah, downloading manually. Forget it : )

Johannes Eckert

Framer Generator still only works with Sketch Beta? I'm running Sketch 3.0.3 from App Store and Generator 3.0.31 and it doesn't connect to sketch non-beta

Johannes Eckert

the generated index.html is missing some viewport settings and web-app-capable. do you want to add them back or is that up to the designer?

Koen Bok

I should probably add them back in. Ale, does it work with the non beta 3.0.3?

Ale Muñoz

Koen: in theory there is nothing stopping you from using the non-beta version. In practice, there's an exporting bug that is only fixed in the 3.0.4 beta, so I would strongly advise against using 3.0.3 : )

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