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Koen Bok
Posted Jun 04 - Read on Facebook

Some great news for Framer from WWDC so far:

- Big Javascript performance improvements:

- Javascript on mobile will now be fast outside of Safari too:

- WebKit2 will become available for developers with multi-process model and other improvements.

- WebGL will be enabled on mobile by default, we could add an GL-based backend to Framer in the future to allow advanced graphics stuff like custom shaders and meshes.

- The Swift programming language has a lot of similarities with CoffeeScript, which I've slowly started to push for Framer instead of Javascript.

- Some pretty handy additions to WebKit like srcset to automatically handle 2x images


Koen Bok

Especially #2 will be great for apps like Joshs Framer Viewer.

Giedrius Jaloveckas

Maybe Framer for Swift should be separate port?

Maykel Loomans

Super exciting stuff!

Braden Hamm

#2: I have a friend who hasn't switched to an iPhone almost solely because of this. He wants chrome on iOS to be as fast as mobile safari.

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