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Rob Jones
Posted Jun 04 - Read on Facebook

As a noob trying to learn Framer (starting with version 3), I found that the "Examples" page has some issues that could be improved:

1) Examples Library
As a complete beginner trying to learn the basics, I found the "Examples Library" at the top was the most useful section. It would be *far* better if the examples were on CodePen so that people could fiddle with them.

2) Prototypes
The prototypes section is nice, but a lot of them use older versions of Framer, so using these as examples can be confusing. These should be updated.

Also, the way some of these are implemented it's hard to get to the app.js file, which is super important when trying to actually learn from them (check out the Google Now example:

Can a beginner actually figure out how to get to the app.js file from viewing source?).

Ideally, all the prototypes would be in Codepen

3) Codepen
To me, using Codepen is the best way to quickly get in and start playing with code. Unfortunately, some of these don't work or use older versions of Framer. These definitely should be updated.

I'm up for helping with any of this if you guys want.

I've been having a blast with framer.. kudos to the team for creating such a useful tool!


Braden Hamm

I can't even get framer prototypes to work on my phone. Either they don't show up, or they don't work with touch events.

Rob Jones

Braden Hamm - Check out - this helped with a lot of the problems I was having with touch events on the phone

Rob Jones

Also, there's an app coming out soon to help with previewing framer apps on your phone

Braden Hamm

Thanks, I'll check that out. I meant I'm only having problems testing other peoples prototypes in codepen.

Yea, can't wait for framer view.

Rob Jones

Yea, if they don't include the frame-bounce stuff framer is totally janky on the phone

Koen Bok

Thanks for this great feedback. We'll be working on improving these.

I'm not that big a fan of CodePen because there are so many different js things happening in one tab that the performance degrades often or weird issues occur. But we have something better in the works to quickly share code.

Koen Bok

cc Jorn Benjamin

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