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Giles Perry
Posted May 31 - Read on Facebook

Just getting started with Framer JS. I've got some questions about how you control positioning of layers. I've worked out how to create a left aligned layer that is fixed when the rest of the page scrolls:

myLayer = new Layer({x:0, y:0, width:40, height:40, image:"images/fixedimage.png"})

// Set the CSS position property to fixed so the layer does not scroll = {

How do you create centre and right aligned layers?


Giles Perry

I've worked out right aligning = {
"left": "0",
} = {
"right": "0",

This approach doesn't work for centre aligning layers because Framer layers are absolutely positioned.

I can centre the layer initially:


Do I need to use javascript to apply this function every time the window is resized? How is this done.

Thanks for any help.

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