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Josh Puckett
Posted Jun 04 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys! Happy to announce Framer View, the best way to view and interact with framer prototypes on iOS. Works with Dropbox, has live reload and some other nice features. Currently waiting for review in the App Store :)


Paul Martens

This looks super cool.

Josh Hemsley

Great stuff man! This will be fantastic!

Craig Murray

Awesome! Thanks, Josh Puckett

Ryan Gonzalez

Excited to play with this!

Ilie Ciorba


Albin Ekblom

Huh? Whats special? Don't need an app for this?

Ilie Ciorba

Albin nobody said you have to use it

Chaitanya Mendu

Look forward for it! Yay

Daniel Alvarez

Pretty sick!

Christophe Tauziet

That's exciting!

Adam Kopec

Yet again, you're a beast.

Danny Giebe

Would be great to have something like a "framer interface". So just create the animations in an easy to use interface without writing any code and it will export as framer files or even gif. That would be a killer and safe time!

Jay Walter Robinson


Linda Dong

Sorry I'm confused, what's the difference between using this as opposed to the current workflow of syncing a framer iOS project via Dropbox?

Linda Dong

Oh I didn't see there was an added file structure (video is blurry on mobile). Is there a way to disable double-tap for menu if you need that gesture?

Josh Puckett

Linda: it's a two finger double tap, so you should be good :)

Juan Ignacio Serra

Do you know when it will be available? I'm checking every day for it on the App Store! :)

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