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Rob Jones
Posted May 27 - Read on Facebook

Just beginning to preview my prototypes on devices. Here's a few of my observations:

Adobe Edge Inspect
Works fine, but having to start up Edge Inspect on the browser *and* phone *and* start a server locally is kind of a pain. Unfortunately, Edge Inspect does not feature any kind of Live-reload functionality.

Someone in here mentioned using Dropbox, but (on iPhone) opening up a Framer index.html file inside Dropbox does not work, and I don't see any way open it from Safari on the phone.

CodeKit 2
This works fine for previewing on devices.There is some wonkiness with Live-reload; it tries to lint the app.js file and chokes on syntax like "Layer". If I turn off linting, it does not seem to see changes in app.js and does not reload on changes.

I downloaded Cactus; I can see how it's made for kicking out static pages from templates, but it's not totally clear where to put the framer files. Should they just go in "pages"?

Also, what's there a way to get rid of the address bar and toolbar on Safari on the phone?

BTW still lovin Framer! Other folks here at work are starting to get interested as well :)


Stephen Crowley

When I share prototypes via dropbox I put the project folder into the dropbox public folder and Copy Public Link of index.html.

Stephen Crowley

To get rid of the address bar and toolbar on mobile Safari save the page to your home screen. And launch from home screen.

Rob Jones

I was hoping there was more of a programmatic way to remove the address bar :)

Stephen Crowley
Tim Checkley

Grab the free Atomic Lite browser - that can show webpages without browser chrome like address bar etc

Rob Jones

This works on iOS 7.1+

<meta name="viewport" content="minimal-ui">

Rob Jones

Gonna move this "address bar" subject to another thread so it's easier to find

Koen Bok

I'll update the Framer Cactus template when I have some time.

Josh Puckett

I have an app coming for this (in review right now) that'll make this process painful. Stay tuned!

Jay Walter Robinson

Josh, hooray for painful processes!

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