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Davis Hammon
Posted May 24 - Read on Facebook

hello everyone. Framerjs is seeming to be just the ticket in prototyping out great mobile apps. I'm impressed by how mature its become and how quickly.

A couple of suggestions. When viewing the prototype on a browser on the iPad or iPhone, is there a decent way to hide the navigation bar at the top, even if it requires jailbreaking? And, how close is the Sketch export coming?


Koen Bok

Ahem Josh

Koen Bok

Sketch has no eta, but they're getting close.

Josh Puckett

In terms of viewing on iPhone, something is coming very soon that will help with this :)

Davis Hammon

Thanks Josh. Very much looking forward to it.

Florian Pnn

You can implement it in a phonegap/cordova shell

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