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Abhishek Kumar
Posted May 22 - Read on Facebook

Need help troubleshooting this masking issue. I am trying to create a clipping mask (rounded corners) for an image to be replace during runtime when a button is clicked. I have tried a couple things.

1) In the attached image with nested folders, the Framer Generator does not even output a masked image for some reason. No way to try mp_aa_clip.clip = true;
to see if that works.

2) When I remove the mp_aa_item folder and simply move the image inside mp_aa_clip folder, Framer Generator creates the right mask. Unfortunately, when I use "mp_aa_clip.image = '/images/next.jpg' to replace the image in runtime, the mask no longer works.

what gives?


Cemre Güngör

I don't think rounded corners work with masks, just rectangles

Abhishek Kumar

ah. too bad. :-) Thanks Cemre.

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