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Florian Pnn
Posted May 20 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone,
Is there a way to get the status of an animation? Like 'running' or 'inactive' ?
I'm trying to stop an animation as soon as DragMove event is triggered but if the animation isn't running, the animation.stop(); give me a JS error.
Any workaround?

Also what you guys think about a #Framer channel on Freenode IRC for this kind of quick question and help?


Koen Bok

Can you file a bug for the animation.stop() issue?

You can seen what animations are running on a layer with myLayer.animations()

Florian Pnn

Will file that right now and thanks for the second one. Not sure but is that normal if a same animation is called multiple time on a layer it displays as a new animation on myLayer.animations() ?

Johannes Eckert

I have the same issues. I was hoping I could do myLayer.animations().length but that number is just incrementing with a state change

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