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Daniel Jimenez Nassar
Posted May 15 - Read on Facebook

Loving framer.js. A lot faster to learn than Quartz composer (I still need to try Origami though...). Currently playing with some parallax, opening and closing a map froma list view (Foursquare style) working great but now I want the list to be draggable to open the map.

Anyone knows why setting a draggable object is not working for me. Kangoorooos in Australia will take you ; )


Arron J Hunt

Try checking the console to see what errors you're getting

Jay Walter Robinson

Daniel Jimenez Nassar, if you right click on the page and choose “Inspect Element”, then tap the Escape key to show the Console, there should be a more helpful error message there for you. If that is still too cryptic, share the screenshot of the console and code here and we can help you out. Cheers!

Koen Bok

It also seems you are using an older version of framer. It might be one that doesn't support draggable yet.

Daniel Jimenez Nassar

Thanks Arron J Hunt Jay Robinson and Koen Bok all resolved, turns out I had the old version before framer 3 as Koen indicated. Too easy and loving it! Dan

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