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Hayden Schoen
Posted May 14 - Read on Facebook

Super beginner question here. I am confused how to make a layer scrollable in Framer 3. From what I vaguely understand, we no longer have to add "scroll" to the layer name of the photoshop layer. Here is what I have been attempting so far:
I have a layer in PS with a vector mask to hide the full scrollable element called "ScrollContent"
In my app.js I have the following line:
myLayers.ScrollContent.scroll.enabled = true
Do I need to do something else to make it actually scroll? Thanks!


Jay Walter Robinson

I still add "Scroll" to my layer names to remind myself. ScrollContent.scrollVertical = true

Jay Walter Robinson

Make sure ScrollContent is a Photoshop group with the vector mask on it. And, make sure the ScrollContent group has at least one group inside of it that has content outside of the vector mask.

Hayden Schoen

That fixed it! Thanks! I guess I didn't need to be adding "enabled".

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