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Koen Bok
Posted May 14 - Read on Facebook

Framer 3 is out. Congrats and thank you everyone.


Matej Hrescak

Congrats dude! Big hugs.

Ale Muñoz


Kristoffer Brady

Looking good guys, congrats!

Propeller Katapulsky


Joshua Turner

Nice work!

Kevin Jones

such good work!

Eugene Kudashev

Great! Is there a changelog?

Adam Kopec


Ale Muñoz
Henrique Alves

Looking great!

Luka Marčec


Juan Ignacio Serra

Congrats! Can't wait for the Sketch generator! :D

Scott Boms

This is looking really amazing Koen! Congrats!

Akshay Aurora

Nice work, like the new icon!

Luis Ricardo La Torre

Thank you so much! You are da best!

Luis Ricardo La Torre

For The Framer Generator, is there a way to adjust how the files are being organized? I want to use it directly with cactus/coffeescript? I saw a Template for Framer in Cactus Template github. #justwondering

Gaspard Macelin

Nice Update !

Jonathan Lévy

Awesome ! Thanks bud.

Johannes Bühl

Great work! Is the core Javascript library for windows available?

Koen Bok

Yup, just download the package on or check for the latest.

David Lim

I can't wait to try it out...

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