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Dave Feldman
Posted May 12 - Read on Facebook

Just discovered Framer, and I'm intrigued! As a designer with some JS skills, my ideal prototyping tool is a hybrid of design and development workflows. A few questions:

(1) I don't see source for the Framer app on that available somewhere? I'd like to add a keyboard shortcut, and also to poke around with other layer-name-driven automation.

(2) Suppose I want to add a non-Framer element like a text field inside of a view. How do I get the DOM node for a View? Or, is there a more appropriate method for adding a non-Framer node and treating it like a subview?

(3) Similarly, is there a standard way to extend Framer, e.g. to create new View subclasses?



Cemre Güngör

view.html = ... Let's you change the contents. U can grab the dom node with view._element but you can't treat those children as subviews.

Cemre Güngör

You can totally extend view. Check my blog post I show how to add another animation function to all views.

Cemre Güngör

As for the source, it's not available but you can open the package by right clicking and grabbing the jsx file and modifying it.

Dave Feldman

Thanks Cemre. Regarding extending the view, I was wondering more about whether there's a standard way to write view subclasses. For instance, suppose I wanted to create an ImageButton view class that subclassed ImageView and highlighted its contents on tap...or a TextView class that allowed text display or editing? I suppose I can take a look at how ImageView inherits from View, but wondered if there were some docs to look at before I started digging into that.

Cemre Güngör

Yup. I'd just look at the source code :)

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