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Luka Marčec
Posted May 10 - Read on Facebook

[WINDOWS USERS] — Framer.jsx

Koen told me yesterday to start a new post here about Framer.jsx problems that you came across while you were using it / trying to use it. Any feedback would be nice.


Luka Marčec

For me it would be:

• Lack of Framer tutorials on Windows. There is hardly any solid tutorial how to make everything work on Windows. I suggest that there should be made tutorial for beginners. From download to running a finished document. Every single step should be covered with explanation in details. (Windows)

• How to order layers. I couldn't figure out how to make perfect layer oreder to make everything work as I imagined it. (In general)

• More examples. People love examples. Examples are the reason why the will be motivated to work with certain software. Provide more of them. Provide complex examples so people can delete something out of them and figure out what happened, which part of the prototype has changed. (In general)

Luis Ricardo La Torre

I mean the problem is that there is not a photoshop slicer on windows that I know of

Propeller Katapulsky

Luis: forget about slizing use framerPS.jsx! it does the work for you.

Luis Ricardo La Torre

Propeller Katapulsky I am little confused, is that javascript file? Right now I been using The Sketch plugin.

Propeller Katapulsky

Luis: have a look at the framer archive you downloaded. search for "FramerPS.jsx". Put this file into your photoshop scripts folder. in photoshop you now can use the script and feel very, very happy.

Luis Ricardo La Torre

Nice, but I use Sketch now. Easy way to add the skecth?

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