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Ale Muñoz
Posted May 03 - Read on Facebook

Good Morning / Afternoon / Night (depending on your timezone :)!

This is a quick message to let you know that Sketch will switch its scripting backend from JSTalk to CocoaScript in the upcoming version 3.0.2.

As a result of this change, sketch-framer has stopped working in the latest 3.0.2 beta.

This is a known issue, and I'm currently fixing the migration-related issues, but I just wanted to give you all a heads-up: if you are using sketch-framer with a Sketch beta, please refrain from updating to the latest version until I've fixed it :)

If you've updated already, the old beta is in your Trashcan ;)

I'll update this post with my progress.

Sorry for breaking your toys, but this is for the best in the long run :)


Eryxson Fonseca

No problem... :)

Ale Muñoz

Well, that was quick: I have (in theory) fixed all the CocoaScript issues. Please download the latest sketch-framer version, and try it both in the latest beta and in the current Sketch version (3.0.1) with your existing documents. Let me know if you find issues!

Ale Muñoz

BTW: there are still some bugs related to 3.0, and they'll be fixed in a future release (a complete rewrite, which is currently in progress : )

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