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Mike Bulajewski
Posted Apr 29 - Read on Facebook

I'm building a prototype with Framer where I need several ScrollingViews nested in a PagingView. This works as expected on desktop browsers: I can swipe horizontally between pages, and scroll vertically on each using the trackpad. But on mobile touch browsers, scrolling doesn't work. Here's some sample code illustrating the problem:

Anyone have any advice of how to make this work correctly? Thanks!


Johannes Eckert

for those kinds of advanced and nested scrolling, I had best results using iScroll with framer. for that, for each scrollview, you have to create a wrapper view that you will call iScroll on (requirement of iScroll) and call iScroll to initialize when the page finished loading. you find a lot of that information in the iScroll documentation

William Hutter

Johannes do you have an example you could share ? I'm trying to figure out how it works with iScroll but having a hard time :s

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