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Propeller Katapulsky
Posted Apr 25 - Read on Facebook

hello nice people out there! framer is wonderful!

i exported a project with framerps.jsx out of photoshop. now i have the question: how i can add an extra textview in app.js? also i can not find any documentation about textvies in general.

i would be glad if someone could help me out. have a nice day!


Koen Bok


view = new View({width:100, height:100})
view.html = "Hello!"

Cemre Güngör

Propeller Katapulsky you can style it with ...

Andreas Wahlström
Propeller Katapulsky

thank you! that makes sense. would there be a way to use a view.html as a textinput - i mean that the user can input text?

Andreas Wahlström

Sure. Try View.html = "<input type=text>"

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